Recycling Guide

Find out where to put all your recycling materials.

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Yard waste composting

The Solid Waste Agency accepts yard waste from residents at both Agency locations. Business and landscaper loads, and all loads with stumps and large branches must be taken to 2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids. Consult our fees page for pricing. Yard waste is banned from the landfill by state law. Garbage loads containing yard waste will be fined.

Depending on the community, yard waste may be prepared in different ways for curb-side pickup. Consult our list of Linn County communities for their contact information.

Materials accepted as yard waste:

  • Brush
  • Clean wood
  • Leaves
  • Plant/grass clippings
  • Tree limbs/trunks

Cedar Rapids residents can place additional items in their Yard(Y) carts.  For a full list of allowable items, click here.

When preparing your yard waste, be sure it does not contain stones, garbage, plastic flower pots, concrete or building materials.

What happens to my yard waste?

  • Tree limbs and brush are chipped for use as landscaping material.
  • Organic material such as leaves and plant and grass clippings are combined with produce and other food waste to make compost, a nutrient-rich soil additive. The Solid Waste Agency gives its compost away free to Linn County residents. Learn more.

Why should I compost my yard waste?

For one thing, yard waste is banned from Iowa landfills, and many communities have restrictions on burning leaves and yard waste.  

The biggest reason to compost, though, is because it's great for the environment. It also:

  • turns old leaves and dead plant material into a rich nutritional soil that's great for your garden.
  • reduces the need for chemical fertilizer
  • reduces trash
  • protects the groundwater