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"My husband and I use the compost from the Solid Waste Agency every year in our yard and garden. It makes a great soil conditioner and helps our plants have healthier root systems. We also love that it is free, which keeps our gardening affordable."

Shannon Strobel
Resident, Center Point IA

Improve yards & gardens with compost

Compost is a nutrient-rich soil additive made from organic waste such as leaves, grass clippings and food scraps.

Compost is available only at the Solid Waste Agency's Cedar Rapids site. At each visit, Linn County residents may pick up one ton (2000 pounds) of this incredible soil conditioner free of charge with their personal vehicle. It’s one of the ways the Agency gives back to residents and member communities. Our staff will load open pick-up beds; those who hand-load must bring their own shovel and containers. Sorry, we can’t help you shovel! 

All vehicles must weigh-in and out. Loads that weigh more than 2000 pounds will be charged based on the $24 per ton fee.  Residents who want more than one ton at one time may purchase additional compost from us. 

Compost supplies are limited.  Please call for availability:  319-398-5163.

When available, wood chips can be purchased for $40 per ton.

Our facility is open 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Saturday.

Interested in a tour of the compost facility? Click HERE to fill out a tour request form.

Our compost is certified

The Agency has been making compost since its founding in 1994. Our facility is regarded as among the best in its class. Our compost has been sampled and tested as required by the Seal of Testing Assurance program of the U.S. Composting Council. Click HERE for the latest lab report. The Solid Waste Agency proudly displays the US Composting Council's "Seal of Testing Assurance.” 


It's MORE than just dirt

Compost may resemble topsoil but it’s much more; it’s a highly valuable soil conditioner. It has the unique ability to improve soils physically, chemically and biologically. Compost is typically high in organic matter, as well as vital micro and macro-nutrients, and has been shown to retain moisture, fight drought, resist erosion, reduce run-off, suppress disease and control weeds. When mixed with compost, clay soils are lightened, and sandy soils retain water better. 

Try this at home

Residents use our compost for various home applications, including:

  • Vegetable & flower gardens. Compost creates a better plant root environment. Residents have reported their plants are bigger & better. For best results, till into the top several inches of soil.
  • Top dressing. Spread compost over your entire yard. For best results, aerate lawn before top dressing turf with compost. The grass will thank you.
  • Mulching. At the very least, the area around your trees and shrubs will look better—and yes, will feel better, too. Do not place compost up against the stem or trunk.
  • Drought management. Compost is excellent at holding water so you won’t have to get the hose out quite as much.

On the internet, there are many good sources of information, including

Iowa State Extension is also an excellent source: or call 319-377-9839.