Recycling Guide

Find out where to put all your recycling materials.

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Electronics recycling (only available at County Home Rd.)

Electronics waste or "E-waste"  is the outdated and obsolete electronics that you no longer want, and it's a waste stream that's growing fast. Many electronics, especially TVs and computers (there is a fee to recycle TVs and monitors), contain toxic materials such as lead, cadmium and mercury. Reusing and recycling electronics keeps these toxic materials out of our landfills and also recovers valuable resources.

The Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency offers electronics recycling or "e-cycling" for most electronics to LINN COUNTY RESIDENTS ONLY at its County Home Road location.  Businesses, and haulers transporting electronics for residential customers, should contact electronics processors directly.

Among the items accepted for recycling for no charge in small residential loads:

  • Computer equipment  - Towers, keyboards, laptops, mice, printers, scanners.
  • Office equipment - Copy machines, cellular and land-line telephones, fax machines, calculators
  • Audio/visual equipment  - VCRs, DVD players, satellite dishes, stereos, MP3 players
  • Gaming systems - Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, Vita, DS, and others.
Bulk loads of electronics will be charged 0.25¢ per lb. (scale house staff will determine bulk-sized loads)
ATTENTION:  TV/monitor recycling - $10.00 per unit for TVs/monitors ≤18"; $15.00 per unit for all TVs/monitors ≥19" (including all CRTs); 0.25¢ per lb. for loads with 5 or more TVs/monitors (staff reserves right to redirect any load to an electronics processor)

What happens to my electronics?

After you drop off your e-waste, it is locally dismantled or "de-manufactured" into core components that are then used to manufacture new recycled goods. Such components include glass, plastic and circuit boards. The circuit boards themselves contain reusable metals such as copper, gold and silver. 

Secure handling of data is available

If you're concerned about sensitive data, secure handling of data is also available.  You can take the hard drive or other secure data components directly to the de-manufacturer to watch them being shredded. However, once an item is dropped off at the Solid Waste Agency's recycling center, it is handled securely. All data will be shredded (if machine is de-manufactured) or government level "wiped," if components can be recycled.  We do not allow scavenging of electronics turned in for recycling.