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Goats on the Go Coming to the Solid Waste Agency

08/31/2017 3:00pm

How long will it take 240 goats to clear 30 acres of vegetation? Starting Wednesday, September 06, the Solid Waste Agency will find out!

That’s when Goats on the Go will arrive at 1954 County Home Road, Marion, with 240 goats (and some kids). Their job: to eat away the grass, weeds, and other vegetation growing on a 30-acre section of a capped landfill.

The reason for using goats is because their eating replicates the effect of a prescribed burn. The Solid Waste Agency cannot conduct a prescribed burn due to safety concerns and regulations regarding landfill gases.

The goats will be fenced in to keep them away from customers with shepherds on site to monitor them as well. The goats are expected to clear about an acre each day and will “work” rain or shine. After the goats are finished, the Agency will plant pollinators on the cleared area.

The project is part of the Agency’s environmental management system (EMS) program and could serve as a model for other landfills across Iowa. It is partially funded by a grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Goats on the Go is an Ankeny-based company.