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Garbage Disposal Fees

06/09/2017 11:00am

New Pricing Effective July 01, 2017:

Garbage Disposal:                                   $40.00 per ton

Flat-Fee for Cars, SUVs, Minivans:         $10.00 per load

Flat-Fee for Pickups & Full-size Vans:     $20.00 per load

Yard Waste Drop-Off:                               $24.00 per ton

The new fees will fund capital projects and regulatory obligations, such as managing landfill gases, while allowing the Agency to continue offering services and programs that are subsidized by the garbage disposal fee, such as hazardous materials recycling. The Solid Waste Agency does not receive taxpayer dollars.

Alternatives:  Purchase an extra garbage sticker from your hauler. Linn County residents can save their money, gasoline, and time by taking advantage of their curbside service. Call your hauler to get pricing and find out where extra garbage stickers can be obtained.