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Spring Tour Season 2017

05/31/2017 9:00am

The Solid Waste Agency is wrapping up this year's spring tour season with area schools.  More than 2500 students, teachers, and parents spent time at the Solid Waste Agency on County Home Road.  Visitors learned through interactive tours and stations the importance of proper waste disposal and resource recovery.  Stations included vermicomposting, composting, household hazardous waste disposal, waste disposal, electronics recovery, recycling and resource recovery, shingle recovery, landfill engineering, watershed, bio swales and raingardens, pollinators and purple martin housing.

Most visiters spent between an hour and a half to two hours on our site and worked with Agency staff to increase their awareness of their impact on earth and ways the Agency and the public can work together to ensure the health, safety and welfare of Linn County through proper waste management and resource recovery.