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Clean Rubble Disposal Discount at the Solid Waste Agency

04/04/2017 12:00pm

Until further notice, the Solid Waste Agency will be accepting clean rubble at the landfill, 1954 County Home Road, Marion, for $10/ton.

Clean Rubble is defined as rock, cinder block, brick, asphalt and concrete materials which are largely unpainted; and do not contain asbestos or other regulated contaminants. Clean rubble must be visibly free of trash and debris (including excessive rebar; metal; plastic; paper; wood). Neither clean rubble nor clean soil may contain hazardous waste or other chemical or petroleum contamination; or blast media sand.

To be accepted, clean rubble must be pre-approved by a member of management, and must be declared and weighed in at the scale. Clean rubble may be used by landfill operators as road base or structural pad material. Loads delivered must be accompanied by a signed copy of a waiver. To print a copy of the waiver, click HERE.

If you have upcoming jobs that will generate large volumes of clean rubble, please contact the Operations Manager (x103) or Environmental Health & Safety Manager (x105) to obtain approval: 319-377-5290.