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Holiday Recycling Tips

12/20/2016 8:00am

What to do with Christmas lights
Can be recycled for free at both Solid Waste Agency locations as part of the electronics recycling program.
Christmas lights CANNOT be recycled curbside in any community.

What to do with wrapping paper
Throw it away; wrapping paper cannot be recycled because of the lack of good quality fiber, combined with the volume of “sheen”, or foil, coatings. Even if the paper says “Recyclable” throw it away to be safe so you do not contaminate the rest of the recyclables!
Use gift bags instead.

What to do with batteries
Depends on the type of battery. Alkaline batteries, the common AA, AAA, D, C and 9-volt can be thrown away in the garbage. They do not contain hazardous materials.
Recycle rechargeable, lead acid, lithium, and automotive batteries. Linn County residents can drop them off for no charge at either Solid Waste Agency location. These types of batteries include hearing aid, watch, power tool, and car batteries.

What to do with plastic, cardboard, paper
Bring to either Solid Waste Agency location and recycle for free

What to do with Christmas trees
- Solid Waste Agency: accepted at both locations, $5 flat-fee
Check with your hauler to see if they will collect Christmas trees curbside. They may have rules for disposal.
Flocked Trees are considered a garbage item. Most communities have requirements for how they can be thrown away. Check with your hauler.

What to do with unwanted TVs/Monitors
TVs and monitors can be recycled at both Solid Waste Agency locations for a fee.
18” & smaller: $10 each; 19” & bigger: $15 each; $0.25 per pound for loads with 5 or more units.