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TV/Monitor Recycling Fee Changes

06/22/2016 7:00am

Starting July 01, 2016, new pricing for TV/monitor recycling will take effect:

  • $10.00 per unit fee for all TVs & monitors ≤ 18 inches) 
  • $15.00 per unit fee for all TVs & monitors ≥ 19 inches (including console TVs). 
  • 0.25¢ per lb. for all loads of 5 or more units (CRTs, monitors, TVs) and also for bulk electronics (scale house staff will determine bulk-sized loads; for example a pickup truck bed full of old vacuum cleaners, stereos, DVD players, two TVs, will be considered a bulk load). 

These fees will apply to all types of CRTs, monitors and TVs, including flat screens, consoles, projection TVs, etc. The fees will help, but not completely offset, the price the Solid Waste Agency pays to have these materials recycled.

The Agency reserves the right to reject any load deemed too large for staff to handle and will redirect the load to an electronics processor.