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Asbestos waste - Regulated under the Clean Air Act and NESHAP, there are two types of asbestos waste, non-friable and regulated asbestos containing material (RACM). RACM includes friable asbestos, which can be crumbled, pulverized or reduced to a powder by hand pressure when dry and is the most dangerous form. Resilient floor tile, roof felts, asphalt tiles, asphalts, mastics, and transite roofing shingles and siding are considered non‐friable forms of asbestos, unless they are or will be damaged during demolition or renovation activities. Non‐friable asbestos cannot easily be pulverized or reduced to a powder. Non‐friable asbestos that is damaged to the extent that it can be crumbled or reduced to a powder by hand pressure must be handled and packaged as RACM.

Asbestos Removal

RACM must be pre-approved. For more information, click HERE.

All asbestos waste must be delivered to the landfill no later than 11:00 a.m., Monday - Friday.

All asbestos waste must be declared to the scale attendant upon arrival at the landfill.

A complete and accurate manifest must accompany each load of asbestos waste; a copy must be presented to the scale attendant. 

The Agency will not accept asbestos waste on Saturdays.

All types of asbestos waste delivered to the landfill must be properly packaged prior to delivery to the landfill: tightly sealed, while wet, in at least two 6‐mil, leak‐tight polyethylene bags or in a wrapping or other equivalent container.

The rate for non-friable asbestos is $48/ton.

The rate for RACM is $90/ton.

To learn more about manifest requirements, click HERE.

To learn more about labeling requirements, click HERE

To learn more about packaging requirements, click HERE.