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Press Releases

Winter Hours at Compost Facility & FREE Wood Chips
11/24/2017 9:00am
Proposed Fiscal Year 2019 Budget
11/22/2017 7:00am
Scraper Up For Auction
11/14/2017 9:00am
Cover & Secure Your Load!
11/09/2017 8:00am
Compost Facility Opening at 11 a.m. Saturday, September 9th, for the Trashmore 5k
09/05/2017 9:45am
Goats on the Go Coming to the Solid Waste Agency
08/31/2017 3:00pm
Safe Fireworks Disposal
07/04/2017 12:00pm
Recycling Service Changes at 2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids
06/22/2017 9:00am
Garbage Disposal Fees
06/09/2017 11:00am
Spring Tour Season 2017
05/31/2017 9:00am
Clean Rubble Disposal Discount at the Solid Waste Agency
04/04/2017 12:00pm
Read the Spring 2017 Landfill Link!
03/20/2017 12:00pm
Road Work & Access to Compost Facility
02/15/2017 12:00pm
Request for Proposal: Web Design Services
01/06/2017 12:00pm
Access to Compost Facility Limited
01/05/2017 9:00am
Shingle Recycling Availability During the Winter
01/04/2017 8:00am
Holiday Recycling Tips
12/20/2016 8:00am
Winter Hours at 2250 A Street SW, Cedar Rapids
11/03/2016 3:30pm
Sandbag Reuse & Disposal
09/28/2016 11:00am
Flood Debris Disposal Information
09/26/2016 12:00pm
Public Notice: Permit Renewal
08/16/2016 10:00am
Solid Waste Agency Wins Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award
08/02/2016 9:00am
TV/Monitor Recycling Fee Increase
06/24/2016 12:00pm
Request for Quotation: Roll-off Boxes
06/22/2016 12:00pm
TV/Monitor Recycling Fee Changes
06/22/2016 7:00am
Recycled Art on Display at Solid Waste Agency
05/10/2016 12:00pm
Reminder: Take Yard Waste to Compost Facility
04/14/2016 12:00pm
Legislative Update: Illegal Dumping Bill Signed Into Law
04/08/2016 8:00am
Recycling Phone Books
02/22/2016 9:22am
Get Rid of Expired & Unwanted Prescription Drugs Safely
02/21/2016 1:13pm
Planning Mount Trashmore's Future
08/19/2015 8:00am
Unloading at the Solid Waste Agency
06/04/2015 10:00am