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Our history

The Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency has seen a host of changes and overcome many challenges in its history. And along the way, it's provided numerous new opportunities for area residents to handle waste more responsibly and conveniently.

The Agency itself was formed in 1994, when the city of Cedar Rapids and Linn County combined resources under a 28E agreement and the landfill and compost sites were turned over to the agency. By 1995, all incorporated communities in Linn County had become members.

The Agency's current primary landfill site, at 1954 County Home Road in Marion, was opened in 1972. Both sites operated as landfills until 2006, when the A Street landfill was capped and all trash was directed to the Marion site. Two years later, the A Street landfill was uncapped to accept thousands of tons of debris from the floods of 2008.

There have been many other significant milestones along the way, including the initiation of landfill gas collection in 1985, the opening of the Pollution Control Center in 1997, a ban on the landfilling of cardboard in 1999 (still the only solid waste facility in Iowa with such a ban), and the expansion of the agency's electronics recycling program in 2010.

The Agency's story continues to develop. Even as the Agency plans for further expansion of the County Home Road site, it also pursues new opportunities for environmentally-conscious recycling and waste collection services.

The Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency is determined to face the future of waste management with innovation, efficiency and environmental stewardship.